BBI’s 25th Anniversary Celebration!

It doesn’t seem like 25 years have passed since I first responded to the Lord’s clear prompting to step down from my church to start a new international ministry that would build bridges to Latvia, in Latvia and from Latvia.

After two and a half decades, I continue to give God glory for the great things He has done, is doing, and will do in the future. Now is the time to celebrate – I am thrilled to invite you to take part in what promises to be BBI’s most important banquet ever! Here are the details:

Saturday Evening, October 5 5:30 PM

The LaSells Stewart Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

We will have special guests at this year’s banquet.

Our Latvian staff: Almers, Vineta, and Madara, as well as six artists and musicians from Latvia and Estonia. These artists will have special involvement in BBI’s traveling art exhibition, My Secret Double.

You have probably heard about the surprising impact that My Secret Double has had in the Baltic nations. I rejoice that it will be at Oregon State University during the month of October with the Opening Reception taking place October 4th, also at The LaSells Stewart Center at 5 pm.

In addition to showcasing meaningful works of art from Europe, twenty-four artworks have been created by some of Oregon’s finest artists.

The exhibition is designed to speak to countless people in society who struggle with serious depression and the many destructive forms it takes. During the life of the exhibition, numerous workshops will take place – open to the public – with the aim of offering help and hope.

I will emcee these workshops and will also share My Secret Journey with My Secret Double during one of these evenings.

One of the Estonian artists I’d like you to meet is named Raivo, a professional violinmaker and violinist who used to play in the Estonian National Symphony. He will provide special music at both the reception and the banquet. I guarantee that you will break out into a broad smile when he begins to play the handsaw – just when you least expect it!

So, on behalf of BBI’s Board of Directors, American and Latvian staff, and our missionaries, I welcome you to join us!


Please RSVP to Naomi: or (541) 602-6968.

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