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DesignedToLiveCoverDesigned to Live, led by Katie Leatherwood, is a Mercy ministry of Bridge Builders International that focuses to serve those affected by disability by empowering them physically, emotionally, and spiritually with the intentional demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ. Designed to Live is driven by the conviction that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, is entitled to be introduced to Christ and the love He has for them!


Designed to Live seeks to network with local churches and organizations to educate in disability awareness while promoting inclusion and access to all elements of the church. Education is fundamental in understanding the impact society and the Church have on people affected with disability. By providing resources, training, and mentoring we hope to see every church in Latvia serving people affected with disability and including them into the fabric of worship, fellowship, and outreach.


Quality of life for people with a physical disability can be enhanced by improved mobility. Prosthetic and Orthotic (O&P) devices can impact a life by enhancing independence and functionality.

A prosthetic is a device that replaces a missing limb, while an orthotic supports, aligns, and stabilizes a limb that is intact. The Designed to Live’s Mobile O&P Care Unit is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to provide O&P service to those that would benefit but are unable to obtain it.

This Mobile O&P Care Unit seeks to ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ with adjustments, repairs or new device fabrications, while avoiding encroachment on governmental services or private practices.


Through social, emotional, physical, and spiritual involvement, Designed to Live seeks to empower those with disability to live a life of meaning and significance, to live beyond their disability. In partnership with Churches and organizations, we seek to form outreach programs throughout the community sharing Hope and the message of Jesus Christ to those who face the daily challenges of life with a disability. Through these programs and authentic relationships, we challenge people with disabilities to exercise their unique gifts in the communities and Churches.

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