God at Work in You

Dear Friend,

In some ways, it is easy to experience God during the holiday season.

We sing Christmas carols, worship at vibrant Sunday services during Advent, hear people wishing “Merry Christmas” to friends and family, and think how God reached down and touched all of the cosmos and all people everywhere through the birth of His Son who was placed in a manger in Bethlehem.

Many of us just feel closer to God at Christmastime.

However, others, perhaps you or ones you know, experience loneliness or sadness during this time of year. Much of our work at BBI is designed to help introduce people to God or to strengthen tenuous ties with Him. 

In the copy of BBI’s newsletter, BRIDGES, recently sent to you, we offered a quote from Henry Blackaby, a wonderful pastor and author who served the church I attended as a boy.

He articulates one of the greatest thoughts of all time:

“If you find yourself experiencing a desire to seek God, we have great news for you: God is already at work in you.”

My greatest Christmas wish for you is that you and your family will truly experience God this season. He loves you and He loves to be with you. My greatest Christmas wish for BBI is for God to continue blessing the remarkable impact of this unique ministry – and that you feel the joy that comes from helping others experience God in Christ as well.

God has blessed our Secret Double exhibition far beyond what we asked or imagined. Thousands have seen it. Many have received help and healing through it, hearing the Gospel in the process. And now, God is leading others throughout Latvia, Europe, and the United States to experience it too.

Secret Double is but one of BBl’s expressions of our ministry priorities: Leadership/Discipleship, Mission Mobilization, Outreach, and Ministries of Mercy. We thank God for the growth we are experiencing in both the breadth of numbers of people reached and the depth of the impact these people have received. We are awed by His power.

While our BBI ministries are expanding, our financial support has been lagging.

Much of our annual budget – to offer programs like Secret Double and all our other ministries to musicians, artists, orphans, addicts, young people, business leaders, and others – is received during the month of December. That is why your gift is so important at this time.

We all understand that generous giving meets many needs, but there is a deeper purpose. Financial gifts, given prayerfully and generously, can have a one-hundred fold impact for the Gospel. As the Lord said in the parable of the sower:

“Other seed fell into the good soil, and grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great.” – Luke 8:8

Latvia is filled with very good soil. And many are responding to BBl’s unique ministries. We all want our hard-earned money to accomplish as much as possible. I hope that knowing your gift will be used wisely and appreciated greatly, will be an encouragement to you this Christmas season.

Please let us hear from you soon. God is already at work – in you, in BBI, and in those people in Latvia, Europe, and the United States who will be reached for His glory.

Experiencing God with You,

P.S. Please pray about your response – and if possible, make a contribution today.

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