A New Era for New Hope Latvia

At the end of September, New Hope Latvia Director Jaycee Jensen returned to Arizona after serving six years with Bridge Builders International to help orphans and vulnerable children of Latvia. 

It’s been a privilege for BBI to have worked with Jaycee for the past six years. She is an amazing person with extraordinary gifts when it comes to relating to and working with orphans. God has used her in powerful ways and as she launches her own ministry, she has my support and blessing. I pray that the new New Hope Latvia will be more effective than ever before.

BBI President

Charles Kelley

Following are Jaycee’s words about the future of New Hope Latvia. (Spoiler alert: it’s not closing its doors anytime soon!)

Eleven years ago I boarded an airplane and flew to Latvia, not knowing all the Lord had in store for me.  Today I am writing to share His plans as I return to America in just a few short days. 


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