Roots in Heaven


Click on the picture to watch this documentary. English language subtitles are provided. The program is hosted by Gatis Lidums.

A Short Documentary About Katie Roth’s Life and Work in Ērgļi

Produced by Hansamedia for the “Saknes debesīs” TV Show

A few words from Katie – Back in May, a film crew from the Latvian Television show Saknes Debesīs (Roots in Heaven) came to Ērgļi to make a short documentary about my life and work here.  We had a long conversation about how I came to be here, education, mistakes, perfectionism, full and empty buckets, music, therapy, relationship with God and people in the world around us.  Some of my music therapy clients also participated, with great enthusiasm.

A few words from Chuck Kelley – This film reveals that Katie certainly is not a run-of-the-mill missionary.  She’s a musician, teacher and music therapist.  Her creative and outstanding work has been noticed by many in Latvia.  When I asked Katie to describe who she is and what she does she gave me a surprising answer:

“As a missionary I see myself as made to reflect the glory of God wherever I am and whatever I do.  Someone who lives life in such a way as to bring the peace, comfort, joy, light, healing and justice that is characteristic of the Kingdom of God wherever I am.  And knows she is forgiven for all the ways in which she falls short!”

Here are a few snap shots taken in her music therapy room.





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