Serving for the Glory of God

PanoramaVolunteers from Bend Work With All Their Hearts

By Steve Toomey


Steve and Janine Toomey helped wherever they could – painting, staining, installing insulation, cleaning up, etc.

BEND, Oregon – To my great joy, last fall Foundry Church leadership agreed to partner with the Christmas Valley Community Church in the planning, fundraising and construction of the new lodge at Eagle’s Wings Camp. To my greater joy, God allowed me to be part of the process. This, despite the fact that I have no gifting in any of the construction trades. It is possible He was testing me, in the event of a successful project, to see if I would take credit for something I clearly had nothing to do with.


Dan Lawry strung electrical wires and installed outlets.

Well, the project is a success. This spring, two construction teams, one from Foundry Church, Bend, Oregon and one from Christmas Valley Community Church in Oregon, visited Eagle’s Wings and when the dust settled, the building was nearly ready for use.


Camp Director, Diks Bortnikovs (left), local staff member, Edgars (middle) and David York, from Renton, Washington continued with heavier construction work.

Our seven person Foundry team arrived shortly after the 30+ person CV team had left and we quickly saw that the bar had been set extremely high. Not only had the building been completely framed, rough plumbing and electric were in place, a significant amount of drywall had been completed as well. How were we going to top that with our little team? Not that it’s a competition mind you, but you know how guys think.


Kirsten Nichols energetically painted, stained and installed insulation.

I have to say that God put together a great team for us, despite the fact that only three of us had actual construction experience or knowledge. As it turns out, there were three skill sets specifically needed for the project to move forward in a timely manner; an electrician, a roofer and someone who had an intimate knowledge of stucco and rock work. Those just happened to be the specific skill sets of the “professionals” we brought along. Clearly God is a much better advance planner than any of us because nobody knew what would be needed when we first started recruiting volunteers for the trip.

The balance of our team consisted of a young woman eager to be tested, a 50 something man who simply loves Latvia, my wife who serves as the team mom and myself. In all, our team had representatives from  five different decades.


Dan Lawry (standing), Tyler Sanden and Aaron Waddell put the new roof on this wing of the lodge. Not pictured, Mike Keeley.

What we lacked in construction experience, we made up for in a willingness to serve and be part of what God is doing through the staff at Eagle’s Wings Camp. We had the great opportunity to serve alongside all of the permanent staff and several of the wonderful young Latvian men who are currently working in some capacity either at the camp or at the Sheep Ranch.

I really want to give credit to all the wonderful individuals who made this project a success. From those who originally envisioned the project, to those who faithfully funded the foundation of the building in the fall, to those involved in planning and logistics and to those who gave financially… they all deserve kudos for a herculean effort.


This is how the lodge looks as of June 1, 2015. Only $36,000 more is needed to be given in order to complete this $200,000 construction project. Thanks so much to all who have given generously!

But really, when I consider how unlikely it was that all the details could come together as seamlessly as they did, there is only One who truly made it happen and deserves all the glory. Our God truly is an awesome God and I can’t wait to see more Eagle’s Wings stories, as the years come and go.



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