Playin’ in the Mud … Framin’ in the Snow

ERGLI, Latvia – Earlier this week a team from Christmas Valley, OR joined the Eagle’s Wings guys to work on the construction of the new main lodge.  The conditions are not that favorable for this kind of work.  It is cold, wet and often snowy.  This makes working in the dirt, or should I say mud, a huge challenge.  See for yourself.  (Photos provided by Katie and Dan Roth.)


Every little boy’s dream is to drive a tractor in the mud.


Janis does it so naturally.


Mud is a reality that can’t be escaped.


A few of the Christmas Valley team.


Cutting the heavy beams.


Walls going up.


At times it rains. At other times it snows.


A glimpse of some main doors.

day 4 CeilingJoists

Day 4 – starting to put the rafters in place.


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