In Search of Interns for Summer Orphan Ministry

NewHopeBannerAn Important Letter from Jaycee Jensen and Susan Paterson

Dear Friends of New Hope Latvia,

8This is our fourth summer of ministry and we are writing to you because we are in a desperate situation. Every year we face the problem of too many campers and not enough leaders for the New Hope Latvia summer camps–an important ministry that reaches hundreds of children who might never otherwise experience the unconditional love of Christ. And each year, God ultimately provides for us in unexpected ways that lead to amazing and transformative moments in the ministry.

But this year has been different than the others as we have not received the same level of response to our summer needs. We haven’t had any churches express interest in sending teams and our application response has been minimal.

We are sending this to you because you have been a friend of New Hope, and of us personally, and you have experienced God moving over the past four years. We are asking for your help in sharing with others.

NewHopeSummerDatesThe reality is that upon leaving the orphanage system in Eastern Europe, 60% of the girls will end up in forced or voluntary prostitution, 70% of the boys will end up on the streets or in jail and 15% of the children will commit suicide within the first two years on their own. While the situation is bleak, there is hope. We are pleading on behalf of these kids. We are desperate for them to know the love of Christ and to know the love of healthy relationships and we need your help so that they might experience the healing love of Christ.

Would you be willing to go to your church and share on our behalf? Would you be able to share with anyone in your community about our needs to see if anyone is interested and available? We are looking for both individuals and church teams to help with our summer.  If you are, please let us know and we will send you more specific information about each opportunity.

Our hearts are heavy to share Christ’s love with each of these kids and we deeply desire them to experience the joy of long-term, Christ-centered relationships. We need your help to make that happen!

For more information, please check out the New Hope Latvia website.

If you are interested in participating, please email:

Susan and Jaycee


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