Thomas Kinkade Paints in Latvia with Bridge Builders International

  1. Painting the Light in Latvia

  2.     In 2004, Thomas Kinkade went to Latvia with Bridge Builders International. During that memorable trip he created five paintings en plein air (in the open air), including these impressionistic depictions of the Riga’s skyline and Riga’s Dome Cathedral.  In partnership with the Thomas Kinkade Company, BBI is pleased to offer Limited Edition Standard Numbered, and Artist Proof canvases, of both paintings to requesting donors who give suggested amounts as indicated in the order form.

  3.    A portion of the proceeds will benefit the ministry of Bridge Builders International in Latvia.  All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  The IRS requires the cost of premium offers to be deducted from donations.  Precise amounts are included on the Download Order Form.


  1. Ordering Options

  2. Giclee Prints: “Giclee” refers to a high resolution, superb quality printing technique. Kinkade’s giclee prints of “Sunset Over Riga, Riga, Latvia” and “The Dome Cathedral” are only available through Bridge Builders International.  A suggested donation for either print is $99 plus $20 for Shipping and Handling.

  3. Giclee Prints Personally signed by Thomas Kinkade:  Kinkade hand signed a limited number of “Sunset Over Riga” for BBI and constituents.  These are are available for a suggested donation for $199 plus $20 for Shipping and Handling.

  4. Order a Print on the Phone Today541-602-6968.

  5. Order a Print:  Please use the order form on the upper left of this page. A suggested donation for either print is $100 plus $10 for Shipping and Handling. 

  6. Pick up a Print:  The giclee prints are unframed and may be mailed (see order form on the upper right of this page, or picked up at location.

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  15. Canvas Lithographs:  Limited edition canvas lithographs are no longer available through Bridge Builders International,  but directly from the Thomas Kinkade Company or an affiliated gallery.

  16. (S/N)  Signed and Numbered; only 295 “Dome Cathedral” and 495 “Sunset Over Riga” canvas lithos have been produced by the Thomas Kinkade Company

  17. AP) Artist proof. AP editions are produced in lesser quantities and are more collectible.  

  1. “The Dome Cathedral, Riga, Latvia”

  2. By Thomas Kinkade


  4.     Riga’s Dome Cathedral is the largest church in the Baltic nations. Founded in the 13th century, this distinguished spiritual center has witnessed the Crusades, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, and both Soviet and Nazi occupations.

  5.     It was a sacred gathering place for Latvia’s independence movement in the early 1990’s and important place for BBI because the final service of Hope ’99 took place there.

  6.     BBI is pleased to offer 16” x 12” giclee prints of this painting.  BBI no longer offers Kinkade lithographic canvases.

  7. “The Dome Cathedral, Riga, Latvia” © 2004 Thomas Kinkade, The Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, California.


  1. “Sunset Over Riga, Riga, Latvia”

  2. By Thomas Kinkade

  3.     The view of  Riga’s dramatic skyline, as seen from the 9th floor of the SAS Radisson Hotel, is unforgetable. It is even more striking when the sun is setting. The city’s most famous 13th century cathedral, St. Peter’s (on the right) and the Dome, tower over panorama, symbolizing the spiritual reality that God is truly in control.

  4.     BBI is pleased to offer16” x 20” giclee prints of this painting. A few prints with Thomas Kinkade’s autograph are also available. BBI no longer offers lithographic canvases.

  5.     “Sunset Over Riga, Latvia” © 2004 Thomas Kinkade, The Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, California.

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